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  • Tier 1: Widely available supports designed to address basic needs, school-level risk factors and foster a positive school climate through motivational speakers for school-wide assembly, college fairs, and anti-bullying programs, to name a few.
  • Tier 2:  Targeted supports typically provided in a a group setting to students with common needs to address academic and behavioral challenges.
  • Tier 3: Case-managed individualized supports over an extended period of time for students with multiple risk factors necessitating multiple interventions.

Our Schools

“I feel this program is a big help to the community and to the school.  It helps children who are not as fortunate and cannot afford school supplies and other materials they need for school.  Some parents don’t have access to transportation, and CIS will help take children to appointments.  I think CIS is doing an awesome job helping our children and families.  Mrs.  Roberta has a real impact on their lives.”


Veronica Moody

Elementary School Teacher Assistant

It is important to us to provide whatever we can, whenever we can for our students. From basic school supplies to tutoring to mentoring we make sure each child has what he/she need to be successful in school, graduate, and achieve in life.

"When I first sat down with Mrs. Kelly and learned of her situation I never thought she would receive so much Love from the community.  When I asked what she needed, tears rolled down her face and she said, "I just want them to have a bed to sleep on when they get here.”  She received a trailer over a month ago but could not turn the lights on to stay in it. She worked and saved her money until she could so this past week.

It makes me proud to be a part of a community that reaches out with God's Love and True Acts of Kindness. Working with difficult situations daily you have to realize, as hard as it is, we can't help or save them all, but the situations that end well stand out so much more.  I'm not sure if people realize just what they are now a part of but, this single Act of Kindness could be why these boys graduate high school and become working members of society.   They also now know what God's Love looks like. This will forever make an impact on this family. This is truly a blessing to me as well as the lives that have been touched."

Paige Jones

Site Coordinator

Our Partners

We serve approximately 2200 students.

We have Site Coordinators at each school. Paige Jones is at Metter High School. Maggie Hadden is at the K-8 Complex.

The Mission of Communities In Schools of Candler County is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.